Beneath Confederate Lake

Pinetop Seven

Beneath Confederate Lake is a collection of previously unreleased material, primarily taken from the sessions that produced 2005’s widely celebrated album The Night’s Bloom. The collection also includes pieces recorded for the independent film Numinmata, a cover of Tom T. Hall’s “The Promise and the Dream”, and a few miscellaneous tracks from the group’s early years.


“…nearly half the tracks collected here are holdovers from The Night’s Bloom, but they’re no rejects. From the sinister gypsy vibe of opener “High on a Summer’s Tree”—think Camper Van Beethoven touring Eastern Europe—to the cowboy movie theme hook and slinky rhythm section of “Canteen”, think of BCL as The Night’s Bloom’s appendix.”
– Pop Matters

“Pinetop Seven is one of those bands that just oozes integrity with every album, song, and note….Beneath Confederate Lake is a worthy addition to the P7 catalog – one that fans shouldn’t pass up.”
– Tiny Mix Tapes


  1. High on a Summer’s Tree
  2. The Western Ash
  3. Two Dead Men in a Vermont Graveyard
  4.  Lewis & Clark, Pt. 1
  5. Canteen
  6. Hurry Home Dark Cloud (Alternate Mix)
  7. The Promise and the Dream
  8. Fadograph of a Yestern Scene
  9. Afterthought
  10. Beneath Confederate Lake
  11. Lewis & Clark, Pt. 2
  12. Downstate

Released: 2006-04-01

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