Originally released by Flydaddy Records in 1994, Cardinal earned accolades and rave reviews from just about everyone – including ‘top tens’ in Village Voice, New York Times, and NME, among others – and still continues to do so today. Although the band only released one full-length album, it was just enough to get the attention of critics and fans alike.

Cardinal was formed by Richard Davies, Eric Matthews, and Bob Fay following Richard’s relocation to Boston after the demise of his Australian art-rock band, The Moles. Having met at a Deluxx show in nearby Cambridge, the three collaborated and recorded The Toy Bell EP in Sept. ’93, the debut release for Cardinal. Bob Fay left the band for Sebadoh soon thereafter, leaving Richard and Eric to write and compose Cardinal’s first and only full-length, recorded in the spring of ’94 in Portland, OR.

Recorded in three weeks with Tony Lash (Heatmiser) and Thee Slayer Hippy (Poison Idea, Gruntruck) less than two months after Richard recorded The Moles Instinct in NYC, Cardinal, the eponymous full-length, was further testimony to Richard’s songwriting and an introduction to the beauty of Eric’s arrangements. More of a collaboration and less stark and haunting than The Moles, Cardinal’s music is lush and inspiring. It is pop music that revels in its pretensions.

This deluxe re-issue was completely re-mastered by the original engineer, Tony Lash, and features 11 new bonus tracks and extensive liner notes from both Davies and Matthews.


Cardinal s/t -CD-

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