Eric Matthews

Matthews made his recording debut in 1994 as one half of the legendary duo, Cardinal (Flydaddy Records), with Australian-born singer/songwriter, Richard Davies (best known for fronting the cult band, The Moles). Although internal conflicts forced a split (much to the dismay of their loyal fans), both Davies and Matthews went on to find success in solo careers. Matthews joined with Sub Pop to release two critically acclaimed albums, It’s Heavy in Here (1995) and Lateness of the Hour (1997), and after a six year hiatus, began recording Six Kinds of Passion looking for an Exit released by Empyrean in 2005.

With his latest creation, Foundation Sounds, Eric Matthews is heard playing all of the instruments, including drums and a few others he has never played on his own albums. Some of his heroes, like Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, had done it and Matthews felt inspired to take on the same ambitious challenge. Intending to better define this particular set of songs, this one is different because this time, it’s pure Eric Matthews.


Six Kinds of Passion -CD-
Foundation Sounds -CD-
Limited Edition -CD+EP-

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