Ffa Coffi Pawb / Super Furry Animals

Bio for Ffa Coffi Pawb: Featuring Gruff Rhys and Dafydd Ieuan of Super Furry Animals with Rhodri Puw (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Psyco Vii) and others…

“AM BYTH” is a compilation of songs principally for those few Ffa Coffi Pawb fans whose tapes have long since been chewed up in cassette machines that were thrown out years ago. The band recorded 3 albums for the Ankst label (Welsh label that was the original home to Super Furry Animals, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, etc), one on their own Siwgwr label and released numerous 12″, flexi-discs and one-off songs on Welsh language compilation albums. This is the first attempt to bring some of those disparate recordings together and is also the first time many of these songs have appeared on CD. Most of the master tapes are lost, so this collection was mastered direct from a variety of formats; cassette, vinyl, mini disc, dat tapes and of course flexi-disc.

The Ffab 4 formed in Bethesda, North Wales in ’86 and were instantly banned from the local media as their name, which translates literally to ‘Everybody’s Coffee Beans’, phonetically translates to ‘Fuck Off Everybody’. The band split in the summer of ’93 to end their perpetual tour of Wales that was broken only twice by two London pub gigs and a tour of Holland and Friesland. This was only a few months after releasing what is regarded as their finest album ‘Hei Vidal’ in December 1992.

In time vocalist and guitarist Gruff Rhys and drummer Dafydd Ieuan went on to form Super Furry Animals with members of other bands from the imploded Welsh language music scene of the time, Huw Bunford and Guto Pryce from Cardiff’s U.Thant and Dafydd’s brother Cián Ciaran from electronic experimentalists Wwzz. Guitarist Rhodri Puw joined Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci following John Lawrence’s departure and played on the How I Long to Feel That Summer In My Heart” and ‘Sleep/Holiday’ albums. He also records as Psycho VII. Bassist Dewi Emlyn has toured extensively behind the scenes with numerous bands including Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Super Furry Animals, Mogwai and Cornelius.

Bio for Super Furry Animals: This 2XLP was pressed on limited edition, heavy weight, gold-colored vinyl with exclusive artwork in the gatefold packaging.

PHANTOM PHORCE is a masterful collection of reworkings that takes the tracks from the band’s sixth, 2003 studio album, PHANTOM POWER, and whips them into a fierce, diverse musical frenzy. From Killa Kela’s beat-box laden Golden Retriever, to Four Tet’s organic-soul Piccolo Snare, to Frieband’s blippy-trippy Hello Sunshine, PHANTOM PHORCE breathes new life into now-classic SFA treasures.

For years, Wales’ Super Furry Animals have been stunning US audiences with their progressive creative integrity and unfaltering artistic prowess. With successful appearances on late night talk shows like “Conan O’Brien” and “Carson Daly,” sessions on KCRW, and opening tour slots with Grandaddy, SFA continue to find new US audiences. It’s their solid longevity that’s solidified their reputation as a musical treasure of epic proportions.

As the only band in history to simultaneously release a CD and DVD of two consecutive albums, 2001’s Rings Around the World and 2003’s Phantom Power, there’s no doubting SFA’s reputation as a Technicolor, multimedia force to be reckoned with.


Ffa Coffi Pawb Am Byth -CD-
SFA Phantom Phorce -2xLP-



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