Are you accepting demos?

Sure, we love to hear new music. We’re extremely busy working on our releases, and unfortunately don’t have the time to respond to all of the submissions that we receive. Keep in mind that we have only signed one artist from a demo, however, we will get in touch with you if it’s something that may be right for the label now, or in the future. Please familiarize yourself with our company before submitting music to us. The best way to get us to listen to your music is to send a CD to:

Empyrean Records
PO Box 197
Warren , RI 02885 USA

Please DO NOT send:
1. MP3’s (because in all honesty, we won’t listen to them. Sorry.)
2. Links to your band’s website or MySpace page: we just don’t have the staff or the
2. time to listen to everything that we’d like to.
3. Cover songs that you are trying to pass off as your own (yes, it’s happened)
4. Packages that are unintentionally missing the actual CD (yep, that’s happened, too)

Everyone who works at WishingTree Records Group is also an artist, and though through different mediums, we do understand how much of yourself goes into your work. We do appreciate being introduced to new music, but hope that you understand that we are limited in the amount of projects we can take on at a time.

I work at a Magazine/ Fanzine/ School Paper/ Website/ Radio Station/ Newspaper/ Store (did we miss anything?), how can I get promotional copies?

Thanks for your interest in wanting to help us spread the word. Please understand that we only have a limited amount of promos that we can send out for each release. If you’re interested in being added to our promotional mailing list, please send samples to:

WishingTree Records Group
Attn: Promotional Samples
Po Box 197
Warren, RI 02885 USA

If you have a special press request, please email David at

How can I help book a band/show in my town?

Please email us and tell us what band you want to book and we’ll put you in touch with the proper person.

How do I go about licensing a song from one of your artists for my film, commercial, or TV show?

Please contact Kyle at

If you’re a student or independent filmmaker, we’d like to help you find the right music for your project (possibly at a reduced rate upon artist/ band approval). If you’re interested in licensing a song, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to promoting self-expression through the arts.

Still have a question?

Email us at and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.