Phantom Phorce

Super Furry Animals

PHANTOM PHORCE is a masterful collection of reworkings that takes the tracks from the band’s sixth, 2003 studio album, PHANTOM POWER, and whips them into a fierce, diverse musical frenzy. From Killa Kela’s beat-box laden Golden Retriever, to Four Tet’s organic-soul Piccolo Snare, to Frieband’s blippy-trippy Hello Sunshine, PHANTOM PHORCE breathes new life into now-classic SFA treasures.

This 2XLP was pressed on limited edition, heavy weight, gold-colored vinyl with exclusive artwork in the gatefold packaging.


“Hearing a rock band get the remix treatment is usually a mildly diverting experience rather than a life-changing one. So it’s an extremely pleasant surprise to be faced with a whole album of the buggers and be thoroughly entertained.

“…these are some intelligent and intriguing remixes, worthy of being issued on their own. Super Furry Animals, kings of invention and permutation, continue to prove themselves as artists of notable distinction, even with stopgap collections constructed of outsider interpretations.”
– Pop Matters


  1. HELLO SUNSHINE: weevil
  2. LIBERTY BELLE: mario caldato jr
  3. GOLDEN RETRIEVER: killa kella
  4. EX, WAR AND ROBOTS: wauvenfold
  5. PICCOLO SNARE: four tet
  6. VENUS AND SERENA: massimo
  7. FATHER, FATHER: boom bip
  8. BLEED FOREVER: brave captain
  9. OUT OF CONTROL: zan lyons
  10. CITYSCAPE SKY BABY:  minotaur shock
  11. VALET PARKING: high llamas
  12. THE UNDEFEATED: llwybr llaethog
  13. SLOW LIFE: sir doufous styles
  14. VALET PARKING: force unknown
  15. HELLO SUNSHINE: frieband

Released: 2004-11-01

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