Pinetop Seven

Pinetop Seven began in 1996 as a loose collective of young Chicago musicians interested in re-working the notion of popular American music, co-opting elements from diverse musical traditions (Tango, Funeral Dirges, 20th Century Classical, Eastern European, Asian Gamelan) and blending them with American Folk and Country-Blues. Over the group’s 9 year / 6 album history, twenty-three men and women have contributed to the records or participated as touring members, among them past or present members of Bright Eyes, Wilco, the Boxhead Ensemble, and Rilo Kiley. Despite the ever-changing cast, the mission statement remains unchanged, and anchored by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer Darren Richard, Pinetop Seven continues to quietly assemble compelling collages of sounds and words, mini-epics of storytelling, and snapshots of an America that Norman Rockwell would never recognize.


Beneath Confederate Lake -CD-
The Night’s Bloom -CD-
The Night’s Bloom -2xLP-

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