Silver Sunshine

With their eponymous debut receiving glowing reviews, Silver Sunshine are being depicted as “the band that could bring pop psychedelia to a new generation” (HARP). Experimenting with different instruments, harmonies, and moods, the band have honed their craft for intricate song structures and winding melodies, bestowing upon their fans A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit.

Silver Sunshine are viscerally being pulled into darker and heavier territory without resistance, creating songs woven with themes ranging from the end of the world to Greek mythology, thereby revealing a glimpse of the progression to be heard on their next full-length without losing any of their pop sensibility or hooks. Continuing on this path of whimsical pop perfection, one can only wonder what’s next.


A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit -CDEP-
Silver Sunshine s/t -CD-
Silver Sunshine s/t -LP-

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