Six Kinds of Passion Looking for an Exit

Eric Matthews

Six Kinds of Passion Looking for an Exit defined and broken down most simply… “Six” is the number of years that Matthews was left without a record deal and any way to communicate to the outside world just what was brewing in his soul and in his head. Music is his medium and without a crowd of anonymous listeners, he was overcome by a kind of isolation that only the great painters and poets of 19th century France could understand. “Passions Looking for an Exit” has to do with the many song musings; those inner parts of him that needed a way to get out, but had no venue. Being a fan of history, Matthews tried the application of leaches and the drilling of small holes into his skull but nothing worked and the passions remained incased, until now…


“[Matthews] has an innate sense of what works and he gives each song exactly what it needs…..full rich melodies and enticingly cryptic lyrics…..a very welcome return”.
– NPR “All Things Considered”

“For the past decade or so, it’s been hip to use terms like orchestral pop, and drop ‘auteur’ names like Brian Wilson or Jimmy Webb. Eric Matthews was there first, and does it best… Simply exquisite.”

“Matthews brings passion to his songwriting, experimenting between musical genres and recording techniques while captivating the listener with familiarity and beauty.”


  1. Worthy
  2. So Overblown
  3. Cardinal is More
  4. Underground Song
  5. Do You Really Want It?
  6. You Will Be Happy
  7. Black to Light Brown

Released: 2005-03-01

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