S/T Cardinal


Featuring Richard Davies and Eric Matthews…

Originally released by Flydaddy Records in 1994, Cardinal earned accolades and rave reviews from just about everyone – including ‘top tens’ in Village Voice, New York Times, and NME, among others – and still continues to do so today. Although the band only released one full-length album, it was just enough to get the attention of critics and fans alike.

This deluxe re-issue was completely re-mastered by the original engineer, Tony Lash, and features 11 new bonus tracks and extensive liner notes from both Davies and Matthews.


“Cardinal is absolutely essential listening”.
– Orlando Weekly

“Cardinal is a remarkable pop recording in the most classic sense of ‘pop’…it demands your attention.”
– Magnet

“…appealing set of 60’s-inspired pop with smooth harmonies and thoughtful arrangements. Here it is reissued with 11 worthy bonus tracks…”
– Entertainment Weekly

“The magic still operates. This unique collaboration between Richard Davies and Eric Matthews encapsules everything that was wonderful and exciting for [music] in the mid 90’s. Beautiful songs, amazing arrangements and luxurious vocal harmonies.”

“Cardinal’s lush eerie pop doesn’t so much hark back to bygone eras as celebrate the timelessness of songwriting genius.”
– Paper


  1. If You Believe in Christmas Trees
  2. Last Poems -listen-
  3. Big Mink
  4. You’ve Lost Me There
  5. Public Melody #1
  6. Dream Figure
  7. Tough Guy Tactics
  8. Angel Darling
  9. Singing to the Sunshine
  10. Silver Machines


  1. Forest Theme
  2. If You Believe in Christmas Trees (demo)
  3. Willow Willow
  4. You’ve Lost Me There (demo)
  5. Out-Take
  6. Tribute to a Crow
  7. Tough Guy Tactics (demo)
  8. Say the Words Impossible (demo)
  9. Poolside ’75
  10. Sweatshirt Gown
  11. Say the Words Impossible (b-side)

Released: 2005-06-01

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