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El Goodo

El Goodo was unleashed upon the British record-buying public by their good friends and countrymen Super Furry Animals, who originally released their self-titled debut on their very own independent label, Placid Casual, in late 2005. In many ways, El Goodo wear their hearts on their sleeves, their influences are many and their knack for melodies impressive. Taking cues from places as diverse at the Elephant 6 collective to the fuzzed up tones of Scotland’s C86 post-punk bands, the mysterious and enigmatic members of El Goodo make a wonderful racket.


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If the idea of a Mamas and Papas rip-off band singing lines like, “If I was a film, I’d be a documentary” makes you gag, prepare to be astonished. In the spirit of Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian’s newest work, El Goodo’s debut album pays tribute to musical innovators of the ’60s, but with lyrics and drum-heavy melodies one could only expect from devotees of 20th century rock. The multi-instrumental fivesome, hailing from a small town in South Wales, prove that not every worthwhile band need spend its early years drinking cheap beer in Brooklyn to gain some recognition.

Though the self-titled album kicks off with several upbeat sunshine pop throwbacks — altered by quirky drums that will surely have listeners tapping their toes a bit less embarrassingly than they would to The Byrds — the songs are delightfully eclectic, switching from Mexican horns to dark Velvet Underground-like ballads with mournful strings.

Music snobs beware: Buy this album now before it becomes so popular you have to pretend not to like it.
– The Santa Barbara Independent


  1. Life Station
  2. Surreal Morning
  3. If I Were a Song
  4. I Saw Nothing
  5. Honey
  6. What Went Wrong? (or: How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)
  7. Esperanto
  8. Chalking the Lines
  9. Here It Comes
  10. Stuck In the 60’s
  11. Silly Thoughts
  12. If You Come Back
  13. I Tried but I Failed

Released: 2006-10-01

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