S/T Silver Sunshine

Silver Sunshine

With their eponymous debut exploding onto the music scene, Silver Sunshine are being depicted as “the band that could bring pop psychedelia to a new generation” (HARP). Experimenting with different instruments, harmonies, and moods, the band have honed their craft for intricate song structures and winding melodies creating what could only be described as lysergically coated, pop perfection!


“In the spirit of peace, love and la la la-ing, this San Diego quartet mines the pop (and poppies) of the psychedelic-rock 60’s and 70’s, uncovering wonderfully bright, singsong John and Paul melodies.”

“…get your ticket punched and grab a seat on the bandwagon before it gets too crowded.”
– San Diego’s 94/9 Fm

“Miss the Beatles? Silver Sunshine are like a modern day, California-born fab four. Their music blends pop and psychedelia into beautiful and harmonious, lackadaisical music that almost no one could hate.”
– Portland Mercury


  1. Velvet Skies
  2. I See the Silver Sunshine
  3. Trinkets
  4. Way Up in the Big Sky
  5. Nightmares
  6. If I Had the Time
  7. Greenfield Park -listen-
  8. Girl
  9. When She Wakes Tomorrow
  10. Miranda May
  11. Merry-Go-Round

Released: 2004-11-01

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