The Light Reaction EP

Verona Downs

While strong enough to stand on its own, The Light Reaction EP is a glimpse of the brilliance that will be heard on Verona’s upcoming concept album, Family Bed. Verona Downs seamlessly crosses styles and genres in order to express diverse shades. Influenced by the fluid sounds of today’s underground, while staying rooted in the song-based visions of Elliott Smith, Neil Finn, or Grant Lee Buffalo, Verona’s rewarding songs linger on long after the listening experience is over.


  1. Girl, I’m Gonna Blow Your Mind with My Choreography
  2. Dopes, Liars and Diamonds
  3. Late Night Phone Call
  4. Trashed Pilot
  5. Photosynthesis (Freeyourself)

Released: 2006-08-01

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