The Moles

Follow The Moles through seedy Sydney recording studios, half-assed back-alley radio stations, and cheesy venues. The music scene in Sydney had collapsed. The Moles played live shows in The Hometown, The Lansdown, The Annandale, and The Sandringham, four ratty Federation era pubs. The carpets were soaked with beer and the only lights were green, yellow, red and blue. Glenn Fredericks played organ and guitar. He was smart and angry and fed up with listening to all the cover bands. He was The Moles’ centre of gravity. He did not suffer fools gladly and fools were most people. Carl Zadro, the drummer, protested that he lacked chops but he was a true musician, always open to play a different way. He hardly knew what Led Zeppelin meant. Warren Armstrong, the bass player, was very hip. Richard Davies wrote the songs and lived the life. The Moles were like spies. They thought fuckwits in guitar shops, bands with hot chops, bands with big hair and little imagination were the joke, and The Moles own music was the punchline. On The Street combines stand out tracks from all of The Moles various releases, with rare and unreleased tracks packaged as the bonus disc, “Rare and Weird”. Never to be heard from again, The Moles music has stood the test of time – and their influence can be heard on many records since.


On the Street -2xCD-

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