The Reagle Beagle

Dogme 95

On his second full-length, The Reagle Beagle, Dogme 95 (a.k.a. Nick Wright) tells the fictional story of himself on the H.M.S. Beagle with Charles Darwin, during Darwin’s discoveries of Evolution, Survival of the Fittest, and Plate-techtonics. Dogme 95’s goals were not only to build the music around historical facts, but most importantly combine narrative, music, and culture. The Reagle Beagle is modern record that sounds futuristic and primitive all in the same stroke. Listen for handclaps, chants, goat toes, and organic delights… The Reagle Beagle works best in layers.


“It’s clear that Dogme 95’s discovered the stylistic formula that has eluded Beck for the past decade”
– Mundane Sounds

“Think the Microphones meets Leadbelly in the garden of Brian Eno…oh, and Tiny Tim”
– Vice

“…echoes the rambling folk of Beck’s “One Foot In the Grave.” Raw, percussive beats echo like footsteps on hollow, wooden floors; rough-hewn guitar chords scrape and fall like lumber being split with a dull axe; looped vocal choirs create a hypnotic swirl. The effect is primal, like stumbling upon a long-lost recording of old, weird Americana.”
– Chicago Tribune

“The tracks are catchy, written in the tradition of acoustic guitar, foot stomps and handclaps. Wright’s been compared to early Beck and Smog, and this sound is strongest on tracks like “There’s a Land That We’re Beyond.”
– Exclaim


  1. The Reagle Beagle
  2. There’s A Land that We’re Beyond
  3. Bloody Basin
  4. Salty Air and Devil’s Toes
  5. Survival of the Fittest
  6. Teach Me to Read O’ Darwin
  7. McMillan the Villain
  8. Bring Back Pangaea

Released: 2006-03-01

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