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Empyrean teams up with Wheat

You know when you keep crossing paths with someone for years – engaging in small talk at parties, bumping into one another at shows, a friend’s casual mention of them over coffee – and then one day something *clicks* – all of a sudden you’ve known them your whole life? Well, that’s what it was like with Wheat. Maybe the timing was never right, the natural ebb and flow of the universe, but it is now…

Wheat’s music has truly been the soundtrack to our lives for almost a decade now, starting with their debut Medeiros in 1997 (Sugar Free). Hearing some of those songs like “Death Car” (their first single which won them the coveted “Single of the Week” award in the UK’s New Musical Express), or “Leslie West” brings us back to youthful possibilities and cold autumn barbeques. The music was new-sounding, but familiar at the same time.

And then came Hope and Adams (Sugar Free 1999), which seemed to start a bit of war between Wheat fans. Some seemed adverse to change (they expected the band to deliver a continuum of Medeiros). Others were impressed with the potential (the band was now more familiar with their own sound, and felt comfortable enough to take risks without compromising their integrity). And then there were the few who would argue that it was possible to love both records equally. It was fascinating how passionate these people would become in defending their choices! Ultimately, it was hard to ignore songs like “Don’t I Hold You” (a version of which was featured on the Elizabethtown soundtrack), and “Body Talk, Part 2”. Maybe it was possible to love both equally…

In 2003, Aware Records released Per Second, Per Second, Per Second… Every Second featuring the radio hit “I Met a Girl”. We knew that the band was becoming more and more popular (with back-to-back performances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Last Call with Carson Daly), but it really sunk in when we were walking through the airport, and the music, all of a sudden, stopped us in our tracks. “I Met a Girl” was playing throughout the whole airport – for everyone to hear! Add to that, the various movie soundtracks that included Wheat’s music, and we just knew that people were starting to take notice of their talent. Not because of hype machines or flashy tricks, but because the band is good! Really Good!

And now we’re here in 2007, with Wheat gearing up for their fourth full-length, Everyday I Said a Prayer for Kathy and Made a One Inch Square due out in Spring ’07 (on Empyrean). It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Wheat (there were even rumors that the band broke up), so for those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for new songs, we have wonderful news to share with you. Wheat has a new mini-album featuring five brand new songs, including “Little White Dove” from their forthcoming new record (I know, we’re excited, too!). And for those loyal fans out there, we have available a very special Wheat package containing their new mini-album packaged with a limited-edition, hand-numbered, silk-screened poster, and t-shirt! They are available in our on-line store now and are going FAST, so order now!

Empyrean signs The Yarrows! We are beyond excited to report that we have signed one of our favorite new bands THE YARROWS! We will be bringing you their stunning debut called PLUM early this Spring. Check back soon for full details. In the mean time, head over to www.theyarrows.com to listen to a few tracks from the forthcoming album. It will be worth your time, seriously….

New Eric Matthews project “Seinking Ships” available for pre-order now! Empyrean is proud to report that we are bringing you the debut from Eric’s new project Seinking Ships. Seinking Ships is a collaboration between Eric and Cleveland’s Christopher Seink. This is Christopher’s debut release. As Eric said “Music like this has never been heard, not on this planet”… The album consists of four instrumental masterpieces that one can expect from a project involving Mr Matthews.. You can hear a sample at www.seinkingships.com. We are offering a package deal that will include the EP and a limited edition hand numbered silk-screened poster. Click here to pre-order the record.

ALSO COMING SOON! 2007 will be a very busy year here at Empyrean! Check back soon for updates on the upcoming full length releases from Wheat, The Yarrows, The Photon Band, Jennifer Gentle, and others. We will also have a few other surprises to announce soon. As always, thanks for the support and hit us at info@empyreanrecords.com with any questions!